Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hamster Hot Rod

Last night my owners brought me a sweet ride from Hub City Diner. They took me out of my cage while looking at me saying "She's so CUTE!"  Then they put me in the car and then a miracle happened - they put a nut on the hood. I tried to get the nut then they took a picture of me trying to. I guess it was supposed to make me look like I was sticking my head out of the window. I 'm going to show you the picture and I'm just saying I look good in a hot rod.


  1. Cupcake is one lucky hamster to have a sweet ride like that :)

  2. I am jealous of Cupcake's sweet wheels!

  3. Wow, Cupcake! I didn't get a nice car like that until I was 17! (Ok, I drive a white minivan so I suppose it still hasn't happened for me)

  4. You do look good in a hot rod! Did you get to eat the nut?

    1. Yes, I did! And it was delicious! :_